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Can Non-Stick Pans Go in The Oven? Find Out.

Can Non-Stick Pans Go in The Oven? Find Out.

Can Non-Stick Pans Go in The Oven?

The simple and most effective answer we can give you is to check with the brand you purchased the pan from. There's no definite answer you can get as all non-stick pans vary so your safest bet is to do a quick google search of the brand of pan you have. The majority of brands specify directly on their products pages whether their non-stick pan is oven-safe or not along with the temperature it's oven-safe to. There's no better answer you can get than direct confirmation from the brand itself as many times you can find your answer faster doing that rather than scouring the web for non-definite answers. However, if you aren't sure the brand of pan you have here are some alternative ways to tell if your pan is oven-safe or not.

An Alternative Way to Tell

Is your non-stick pan unbranded? Your next best bet is to do a quick look test to see what types of materials your non-stick pan is made from.
  1. Check the pan handle. If your pan's handle is plastic, that's an immediate tell that the pan is not oven-safe. If the handle is made from metal, that's a small sign that your non-stick pan may indeed be oven-safe.
  2. Check the material the pan is made from. Steel, copper, cast iron, and cast aluminum, pans are all usually oven-safe if they don't have plastic handles.

The Final Verdict on The Question: Can Non-Stick Pans Go in The Oven?

Although you may be able to tell whether the materials of your pan are oven-safe, the one most important thing you won't be able to tell is if the non-stick coating itself is oven-safe. That's why we recommend checking with the company you purchased the pan from as you'll get your answer quickly and definitely. 

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