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What does Perco stand for?

Perco stands for Performance Cookware. This is what The Pan represents to us - the ultimate in culinary performance for your kitchen.

What is your mission?

We strive to provide top of the line cookware with your health in mind. Our products are made without toxic chemicals, making them healthier for you, your food and the environment.

With The Perco Pan's 9-In-One cooking methods our hope is that like us, you find The Perco Pan is finally the one piece of cookware that you can use for virtually any meal.

Where are your products made?

Our products are designed in North America and ethically manufactured in China. We partnered with an SA8000 accredited factory known for manufacturing the highest quality cookware, in a socially responsible way.

What are your sustainability practices?

Sustainability is important to us. Everything from ethical manufacturing to packaging makes Perco better for you and the environment. 

Our recyclable packaging is plastic and styrofoam free.

How do I get exclusive discounts?

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How do I clean The Perco Pan?

Before using The Perco Pan for the first time, handwash it in warm soapy water, rinse and wipe dry with a soft non-abrasive towel.

After cooking, let The Perco Pan cool before adding or submerging it in water. Extreme and sudden changes in temperature can affect the life of the ceramic coating.

The Perco Pan is dishwasher safe however we recommend handwashing to preserve the ceramic coating. Always use a sponge or soft cloth to remove any residual food on the pan. If food is stuck to the pan, fill with soapy water and let it simmer in The Perco Pan. After cooling, use a soft sponge or non-abrasive plastic pad to remove the food. For more difficult residue, add water and vinegar in a 2 to 1 ratio with a tablespoon of baking soda and let simmer and cool before cleaning.

How do I preserve the non-stick ceramic coating?

Always add a tablespoon or two of oil to The Perco Pan as you heat it up for a minute or so before adding food. It is best to use high smoke point oil such as extra virgin olive oil. Avoid using spray oils or aerosols to preserve the ceramic coating.

The extra thick base of The Perco Pan heats quickly and evenly. It is best to use low to medium heat settings. Overheating can cause wear on the non-stick coating.

Use only wood, nylon or silicone utensils to avoid damage to the ceramic coating. Do not use metal utensils.

When lifting The Perco Pan, use protective hand wear to handle the built-in helper handle or when removing the lid during or after cooking. These areas will be hot to touch, take extra care.

Is The Perco Pan induction compatible?

Our Perco Pan was designed to be compatible with all stovetops including induction.

What non-stick coating do you use?

The Perco Pan is made with durable non-stick ceramic coated and is made without PTFE, PFOA or heavy metals.

Is The Perco Pan oven safe?

Yes! The Perco Pan is oven safe up to 500°F (260°C).

Always use an oven mitt or hot pads when placing or removing to and from the oven. When moving The Perco Pan on the stove always lift the pan.

What type of kitchen tools can I use with The Perco Pan?

Use only wood, nylon or silicone utensils to avoid damage to the ceramic coating. Do not use metal utensils.

Do Perco products come with a warranty?

Yes, we have a 1-Year Limited Warranty. Make sure to register your warranty after receiving your new products.

Please refer to our Warranty & Return Policy.

Is The Perco Pan dishwasher safe?

The Perco Pan is dishwasher safe however we recommend handwashing to preserve the ceramic coating.

There is some discoloration in my pan, is this normal?

Over time you may notice some discoloration of the ceramic coating. This is normal and will not affect the performance of The Perco Pan.

Need more product information?

View our Use & Care page for more info on caring for your product.

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Shipping & Returns

How much does shipping cost?

*Free shipping applies to locations within the contiguous U.S. and Canada, and excludes Hawaii, Alaska, and destinations outside of the U.S. and Canada. We use Priority Shipping, typically via UPS or Fedex.

How long will my order take to ship?

After you receive the email confirmation, we try our best to ship within 24 hours but please allow 3 business days to ship. You will receive a shipping confirmation email to help track your order.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your order at any time throughout the process, please contact us.

My product is damaged or defective, what should I do?

Please inspect your order upon receiving it and contact us immediately if the item is defective, damaged or if you receive the wrong item, so that we can evaluate the issue and make it right. For more information, see our refund policy

What is your return policy?

We know you are going to love your new Performance Cookware Product, but if for some reason you are not completely satisfied, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.*

**30 days from receipt of the product. Refund issued upon confirmed return of the original product to Perco. Shipping pre-paid by Perco.

View full policy here.

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