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Meet Your Kitchen's New Best Friend

Meet Your Kitchen's New Best Friend

Designed to combine all the best features into one, our durable, non-stick, oven-safe pan lets you sauté, boil, fry, sear, roast, poach, steam, braise, or even store your dish all in The Pan.

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Choose the Color to Match Your Style

Choose the Color to Match Your Style

The Pan comes in two classic colors that match virtually any kitchen décor. Choose from Warm Gray or Cool Willow and start cooking with style.


Meet Some of The Pan's Newest Friends

Ever since I received The Pan I’ve been obsessed with using it! Not only is it beautiful to keep out on my stovetop, but it’s so functional! I can use it in an oven with temperatures up to 500f, nonstick and easy to clean! It’s bigger than the other pans on the market holding up to 4 quarts! And it comes with a beautiful lid and Acia wood spoon.

So easy to clean, looks heavy but isn't, and is absolutely non-stick. It's definitely one of my favorite pieces in my kitchen, I can use it for everything. I love that it's so pretty, so instead of putting it away and pulling it out every time I need it I just leave it on my stovetop and it adds to the esthetic of my kitchen.

The Cool Willow color is pretty and the non stick is amazing! Nice light weight, distributes heat evenly and is super easy to clean. Holds up great on a gas stovetop. Used for frying, sautéing and stewing. A pan for just about anything! Highly recommend.

Dena @cookwithdena
Danielle D.
Yvette C.