The Perco Pans in Green and Gray Stacked on top of each other in a. whit ekitchen surrounded by lemons, tomatoes, books, oil, and a plant

Our Story

The Pan in Gray and Green in a kitchen with cookbooks, towels, oil, and tomatoes

The Only Pan You Need

Designed in North America, we have combined 30 years of manufacturing knowledge to create The Pan. The Pan is 11 inches with a 4 Qt. capacity, making it versatile enough for a stir-fry for two or a larger family meal. Over the years we’ve watched people struggle with heavy cast iron fry pans, so we made The Pan with cast aluminum. This gives The Pan strength and durability, without the unbearable weight. Lastly, we finished it off with a ceramic non-stick coating….

No one likes doing dishes and this makes clean-up a breeze.

Grease easily coming off the The Pan by Perco

Built For Performance

We focused on solving a problem that has alluded many previous fry pans we have used – the ability put to put it in the oven at reasonably high heat. The solution? Make the handle and knob out of stainless steel. With these, The Pan is oven safe to 500℉, talk about versatility!

Finally, to not overlook any details of our creation, we focused on the handle itself. We have never found a handle that is functional, stylish and feels good when you use it, especially when carrying a hot meal from the stove to the table. Intended to feel natural in your hand, the handle was designed using scrap wood and a table saw in our garage, right here in North America. We finally found the shape for the handle that we love and know you will too.

Sustainability Image of a Beef Ramen Skillet inside of the Pan by Perco


Our goal was to create a Pan for the everyday cook that would last for many years (and meals). In doing so, we knew we couldn’t overlook the social and environmental impact of manufacturing The Pan. We partnered with an SA8000 accredited factory known for manufacturing the highest quality cookware, in a socially responsible way. Understanding the environmental impact of excess packaging, we designed our boxes using recyclable cardboard and ensured they are free of Styrofoam, plastics, and single-use packaging.