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For our family, food is a big part of our lives. I’m not a professional chef but I’ve always taken my home cooking pretty seriously. I love putting a smile on the face of my family and friends by making good food including everything from a quick weekday breakfast of bacon and eggs to slowly braised lamb for family dinners. I’m always trying new recipes and improving my culinary skills.  Through all this trial and error, I’ve come to realize how important a good pan can be to making great food. Professionals need a solid pan that can stand up to heavy use. At home, you need a pan that’s flexible enough to manage the variety of your kitchen. I’ve tried lots of different pans, from the cheap and cheerful to restaurant grade industrial pans and many of them had some features I really liked. But I never found one pan that combined just the right blend of quality, features and price. That’s why we decided to create The Pan. We called it that because it’s become my “go-to” pan for almost every meal. Like a reliable BFF for the kitchen, it's always there when I need it. We designed the pan with all our favourite features including durability, size, versatility and had to make sure its priced just right.  It had to be strong and durable, reliably non-stick and looks great in my kitchen. I hope you find that The Pan delivers you all this and more. Perco stands for Performance Cookware. And that’s what The Pan represents to me. The ultimate in culinary performance for your kitchen.

All the best with your cooking adventures,