Quality, versatility, and performance are the cornerstones of our vision. 

We are a family run business that has taken our love for food and creation and harnessed this into practical cookware for the everyday home chef. We have developed what we believe to be the finest quality of cooking equipment, The Pan.  The Pan started off as a humble idea, right here in North America. The Pan was developed through imagination, perfected through our own trials and errors, and is now finally available to own.  

What sets The Pan apart from others is the attention to detail. We understand what the home chef needs to execute their culinary ideas.  The Pan was created using cast aluminum, a light weight, yet durable material.  Large, with an 11" diameter, and deep, with a 4 quart capacity. The Pan is diverse enough to create small solo dishes or large family meals. Amazingly, The Pan can go directly from stove top to oven, and even looks great on your kitchen table.  With a stainless-steel handle and knob, The Pan can withstand oven temperatures up to 500°F.  There is no need to be encumbered with transferring food from one pan to another - your creation, from start to finish, need only be cooked in The Pan.

Perco stands for Performance Cookware.  This is what The Pan represents to us - the ultimate in culinary performance for your kitchen.